Salam, Girl!

I'm Nicole

Does it look like I care if guac is extra?

I'm a Texas girl, tried and true!  You will usually see me at your cousin's wedding with a giant Nikon strapped around my body, getting into all kinds crazy positions to nail the shot! You can check out my work at Queens Image Photography.

More than 10 years ago, I was shooting photos of celebrities and doing the whole nightlife scene... you would have never thought that you would find me with a scarf on my head, two kids and dishes in the sink. I did not scream, "domestic". God came into my life, through the beauty of Islam, and led me to a cleaner brighter existence!

Since then I have made several documentaries featuring my transition to Islam and I am so thrilled to partner with Monica, producing this podcast and "all the things" that we hope to bring into the lives of our listeners.


Oh, and I love coffee, cake, and avocado everything...