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Ep. 002 Mistakes We Made As New Muslims

In this episodes we talk about our top 5 mistakes that we made when we first came to Islam!

Monica's 1st mistake that she shares is from Ramadan! She used to start her fast at the wrong time and how she felt like it was a total #ramadanfailure!

Her hubby smoothed it over for her by telling her Allah is forgiving, and knows your intentions.

Mistake #2... was becoming addicted to Islam in an unhealthy way. We really gotta make sure that we keep a balance of studying and learning, and just being yourself. We sort of dove in and it was "Everything Islam". We obsessed over the details and almost lost touch with the spiritual aspect. Nicole said once "The devil is in the details" and Monica shares how that impacted her thoughts on avoiding obsessions with small details that can distract you from what is really important. Obsession is a huge mistake!

Nicole shares the feeling she would get when people would sometimes seem that they didn't take her seriously because she was a convert. Almost like they didn't believe she was a real Muslim. For instance asking her "Do you pray?" when they would find out she is a Muslim. As if maybe she doesn't really know how or she's like a child. She says she felt like anytime someone would ask her one of these questions she would feel like "OMG I have been a Muslim for 10 years now, why would you ask me that?" Avoid letting other people doubt you and don't let their doubts impact how you feel about Islam and your journey here.

Mistake #3 feeling like you have to be perfect as a Muslim. We all know that coming to Islam is not easy and you don't have to try to hold your foot exactly at a certain angle, or hold your hands a perfect way when your praying or say Muslim greetings in a perfect accent. You can't expect that your going to be perfect at anything and it can really taint the feeling you have about Islam.

Mistake #4 is thinking that other "born Muslims" are perfect. Don't hold people up on a pedestal because you will always feel disappointed. The best thing you can do is make a couple of "born Muslim" friends who have a deep appreciation and knowledge of Islam and make you love being Muslim. Don't expect perfection and aim for friends who lead you to being a happier Muslim!

Mistake #5 Never live in fear that Allah is unattainable. The devil will try hard to make you feel like living your life for Allah and being a Muslim is too hard, wearing hijab is too hard, praying is too hard. Don't give in to this idea that it's either all or nothing! Every small thing you do for Allah is important. Every intention you have is valuable, don't ever feel like Allah is too far away for you to try.

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