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Ep: 009 "Salam Girl Reveal All!"

Episode 9: Salam, Girl Reveal All! Get to know us!

Get ready to indulge in some crazy fun Q & A!

M: Okay, Nicole here’s one! Are you named after anyone?

N: Big shocker! My real name is Margret, and my middle name is Nicole! I’m named after my maternal grandmother. And I’m proud of that! But, I look like a Nicole. What about you Monica?

M: Not after a family member, but after a soap opera star! My mom was really into All My Children and one of the main characters was named Monica.

N: So, If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what will it be?

M: Will it affect my weight? Haha! Probably milk and cookies! Wait, that’s two!

N: No, girl, they are one!

M: They are! Because they have to be together.

N: You got some protein and calcium there. You can switch it up and get some plant based milk and vitamins.

M: It’s totally a comfort food, like before bed. What about you?

N: Def some sort of Mexican food! I can’t function without Mexican food! Maybe a taco salad with a lot of extra guacamole. Especially the one that is a chip bowl.

M: I think we have good meal here. Taco salad and then milk and cookies afterwards! Okay, Nicole… if money were not object what would you ask for your birthday?

N: I would ask for a person who would come clean my house once a week for the rest of my life!

M: Oh you picked a service! Like, not a product but a service.

N: I am ridiculous about paying someone to do that. I clean the house before she gets there because I don’t want her to have to work hard! I just feel so bad, I’m not good at hiring someone to clean!

M: Mine isn’t a service, and it’s totally materialistic, but I just want a new phone. I still have a iPhone6!

N: It’s OK girl, it does what you need it to do! Haha! Okay Monica I’ve got one for you. What is the most unpleasant word that you have ever heard?

M: Moist!

N: OMG, say it again so everyone can feel unpleasant when they hear it!

M: Mooooist! It’s the worst, it sounds icky and gooey.

N: I picture a really old man’s moist mouth…

M: OMG, you went there!

N: …and he doesn’t have his dentures in.

M: Every time he opens his mouth there is saliva.

N: *Makes sound effect* Ew, sooorry!

M: Okay, Nicole.. What word would you pick?

N: Moist is up there.. but we’ve mentioned before how we just love hearing “Yallah!”

M: Yeah, girl! It gives me anxiety, like I’m rushed!

N: Even if I’m by myself and I need to leave at 2 o’clock, at 1:45 it’s: Yallah! And I’m like, I don’t need you to update me on the time. It stresses me out!

M: Okay yeah, any word that causes anxiety/stress or paints a gross picture is definitely unpleasant! So, I have a ‘Would You Rather!’ Would you rather have your skin change color based on your emotions, or have a tattoos all over your body as to what you did yesterday?

N: Oh, I wouldn’t mind that! Having tattoos on my body with what I did yesterday. Because anything I ever do is boring! And as for color changing… I guess I’m used to that. Because whatever I am feeling is tattooed all over my face. I cannot hide how I feel! I could be talking to someone and I could really not like them or feel uncomfortable and it is all over my face. I defiantly have RBF big time, so that’s a curse! So, I could handle the whole color changing thing… because I’m already used to that! What about you?

M: Umm, I kind feel the same way as you actually! Whenever I am feeling an emotion it really shows on my face, so it feels like I am changing colors already! So I would probably rather color change. My actions are pretty unpredictable but my emotions I am pretty in tune with.

N: Now, would you rather go 30 days without your phone or your entire life without dessert?

M: Ohhh we made the milk and cookies so good earlier but I cannot live without my phone. We got to be real here!

N: I’ll go on my phone and order dessert!

M: Haha! I like that! But yeah, I would totally pick no dessert. Wah.

N: Have you gotten that update yet on your phone that tells you how much screen time you’re having?

M: I saw that! But I was too scared to update it… because I didn’t want to know!

N: I didn’t even know my phone did that! and it just started telling me…like you’ve gone up or down from last week. I need to therapy myself off! Even if I’m driving in the car, I will know how to get where I am going, but I will still use my maps and use data to get there. I think I need my phones help, like I can’t function!

M: We’ve gotten so dependent.. so sad! So, Nicole what children’s movie has completely scarred you?

N: Does it have to be a kids movie?! Cause when I was a kid we watched a lot of movies that kids shouldn’t be watching. If my TV ever has that black and white flurry, I am instantly scared to death that a little 6 year old girls voice it’s going to come out the box saying ‘Mommy are you there?’

M: Isn’t that a movie.. The Ring?!

N: No, the movie when I was a kid called Poltergeist!

M: When the aliens come out of the stomach?!

N: No, that Aliens! Haha!

M: I’m sensing you had some epic scarring here Nicole.

N: Omg turn off the TV if it doesn’t have a signal. I know for sure, if you haven’t seen poltergeist I can’t imagine what has scarred you.

M: I don’t watch scary movies at ALL. Toy Story scarred me as a kid!

N: Monica! That is a very happy Disney movie!

M: I thought all my toys were going to come alive at night and attack and kill me! I had to sleep in my parent’s room for weeks and my mom had to take all my Barbie’s and put them in the attic… and I don’t think I saw them since.

N: When I was a kid I had a bunch of collector porcelain dolls.

M: Those are creepy!

N: I would take each of the dolls down off the shelf each and every night, dust their dress and kiss them because I was sure if I didn’t give them equal love and attention that they would murder me while I slept!

N: So, Monica if you had a warning label printed on you ‘warning others’ about you before they met you, what would it say?

M: Oh gosh, I have to think about this for a second… it would probably say ‘emotional’. My emotions can change really easily and quickly!

N: I wonder if that has to do with having kids. Do you feel like you have less control after having kids?

M: Probably so..

N: And especially after having 4 of them

M: Because they are full of emotions!

N: If I had a warning label it would say, ‘don’t take anything she does or says so seriously!’

M: That’s a long one! I was thinking one-word.

N: If it was one word it would be ‘awkward’. Once people get to know me they wonder why I would say that. But when I first met people I usually fall on my face and say something so out of character. They would just look at me and be like ‘what?!’ I just say random, weird stuff when I get nervous... do you guys ever do that?!

M: Oh yeah! Everybody does... I think that’s pretty normal actually. I think being awkward is normal and being emotional is normal…

N: I mean, we’re women so were awkward and emotional! Just take it or leave it!

M: Okay, what is something that people think they look cool, but you think they look ridiculous?

N: You know what I hate.. when someone pulls up in one of those giant trucks with a gas guzzling engine with oversized tires and he’s got it lifted up. And I’m thinking you are destroying the Earth! When people look like they don’t care about the World, it is the most ridiculous thing to me! And in Texas we got a lot of folks like that! So, what do you think?

M: So, this works for some people.. but I can’t with overalls. I actually thought to buy them for my kids but they didn’t want to look like minions.

N: My kid was like what do you think I am, a farmer?!

M: Some fashion bloggers can pull it off but.. It’s a hit or miss! Okay, Nicole what animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak?

N: I would be terrified if a snake started talking! I would be like… its Satan!

M: I know right?! He’d got some nasty things to say… He’d say, ‘let me tell you about our ancestors!’

N: You would imagine his voice would be evil and mischievous. I would think for sure the day of judgment is coming, when the snake starts talking.

M: Ummm… I think a pet, like a dog would be scary!

N: Right? Because they have been watching you their whole lives! They’ve been watching you every day! Okay, here’s one.. what is the first thing you look at or notice when you go to someone’s house for the first time?

M: I definitely look at her style, I think that says a lot about her. And also if she uses paper plates or real nice stuff.. because I’ll tell you what I’m so bad at that. I use paper plates and paper forks because I want to throw it away when we are done. I don’t have time nor do I want to clean up. And if she’s fancy I feel bad about myself and I’m just like, welp! great!

N: I say, if you use paper plates too, we are best friends!

M: What about you?

N: I look at style and culture in the house. I also look for unique ways she showcases her family. I think it’s cool to see who lives here! Do I see a piano? Track star trophies? Her daughter’s paintings?

M: You know what you will see at my house? Hand prints on the walls!

N: But I like that! If I come to you house and I see toys and mess that tells me that you understand that you live there! I love to see how someone showcases their family!

Well, this was fun! We hope you got to know us a little better with these funky questions!

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